Decide: Affiliate or Custom Site

Before you begin to create classifieds for your site you need to make one major decision: do you want to be an affiliate of another site, or do you want to create a custom site just for your readers?

This is an important decision because it must be made at the beginning, and you cannot change your mind later. You can always create another classified site from scratch, but you cannot convert an existing site from one type to another. If you read this page and still have questions, write to us before you create a site. We can't choose for you, but we can tell you that most sites are affiliates of AdConnnect.

An affiliate site shares categories and ads with the parent site. As an affiliate you can choose which categories to show, but you cannot create or edit the categories. If the parent site chooses to charge for ads, your site will as well. The good news here is that any income will be shared at a rate determined by the parent site.

A Custom Site allows you (and in fact requires you to) create all the categories you want, as well as the hierarchy. You can choose the pricing for ads and features, from "free" to about $10 per week. When the site is created it will not have any ads at all, so it will be up to you to attract people to post classifieds.

You should choose to be an affiliate if:

  • You want content (ads) at the start

  • You want general categories, or a complete set

  • You don't want to do much management

  • Your website does not have too many readers

You should choose a custom site if:

  • You have a niche site (example: a site dedicated to camera owners, and the classifieds are just for cameras)

  • You don't mind setting up the categories, and only need a few

  • You don't want general classifieds

  • You need control of the cost