AdConnect uses an XML format for upload and download of ad content. There are several required fields in the XML data, and a number of optional ones. This format builds on the AdEx DTD defined by the NAA.

Required Elements:
Outermost tag defines the contents is an AdConnect Feed
Define header identification information
Defines the source of the Feed
Publisher's identification: ID number and text
Contents of the Feed
List of classified ads
Define a classified ad: ID is your identifier
Text (max 30 characters) and URL for defining a link in the ad's display
A continuation of the ad's text beyond the link text (max 100 characters)
The AdConnect category number and title.

Optional Elements:
Generally a city name - pol = political boundary, ac = telephone area code.
It is highly recommended to include at least a city name and area code.
Ad's price - will default to unused.
Ad's start and end date/time. Or, the number of weeks to run the ad, starting today. Ads will default to 1 week, and will run for at least 1 week rounded up to the next highest week.


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1" standalone="no"?>
<!DOCTYPE acfeed SYSTEM "">
    <transaction-code t-c="new"/>
      <publisher-id id="1000">AdConnect</publisher-id>
      <ad-type type-id="electronic"/>
        <start-date-time norm="2003-08-09 17:21:48"/>
        <end-date-time norm="2003-09-06 17:21:48"/>
    <adlist type="new">
      <ad id="966176">
        <link text="Ink Jet Cartridges" uri=""/>
        <liner text="Why Pay High Prices for Ink Jet Cartridges??????"/>
        <category num="892">Printers</category>
        <location pol="Delaware" ac="302">Claymont</location>
        <run start="2003-07-23 20:20:06" end="2003-08-23 20:20:06"/>
      <ad id="1463087">
        <link text="Memory Upgrades" uri=""/>
        <liner text="Memory upgrades for desktops, notebooks, servers, and printers"/>
        <category num="883">Memory</category>
        <location pol="New Jersey" ac="908">Elizabeth</location>